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I'm a teenage girl who enjoys making videos for people on the internet :) I film videos about DIYs, fashion, and other random things I find interesting ;)

What I Ate in a Day// Vegan for a Week

So last week I decided to go vegan (for a week). I educated myself by watching a document and reading a lot of vegan articles so there would actually be some motivation, and wow that really helped. If you are thinking about going  vegan (even if its only for a week)  I highly recommend watching [...]

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German (mostly photogenic food) Market

  I sadly had to say goodbye to Rottenburg, Germany but I am now in Weilheim, Germany (Bavaria). Last weekend I went to the Weiheimer Markt ( a Sunday market in Weiheim) and of course had to take a lot of pictures! Adorable, picture worthy organic fruit CANDY HEAVEN! This was the most beautiful assortment [...]

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Germany Adventure 2015

I'm back in Germany for a few weeks and couldn't be happier! Watch out for an extensive amount of pictures;)      This is Rottenburg am Neckar in Baden Württemberg (I know right, isn't that a long name?!) Since I used to live here and the majority of my family still does I got to visit [...]

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Latch Sam Smith Cover By Amélie

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Valentines Day Themed DIYs, Treats & Room Decor

Hiii! I hope you guys enjoyed this Valentines video! All the treats are soo delicious and you should totally make them when your alone so nobody eats them up;)

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My Lazy Day Routine

Hey guyssss! I hope you enjoyed this video because I know I really did and I'm probably gonna do more of these! I hope you guys have a wonderful day and feel free to comment below what kind of videos you wanna see💕💜

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2015 New Outfit Ideas

I hope you guys enjoyed! I had so much fun filming it and btw sorry for all the weirdo parts in the video (I'm a freak) Oh and thank you guys so so so much for all the subscribers and likes in the very first week! It means so much to me and I hope [...]

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3 DIYs for 2015

Hey guys I hope you like my first video! I had so much fun filming and editing it!Subscribe if you want to see more videos and like this video if you enjoyed (if you didn't still press that thumbs up;)

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Easy Heatless Overnight Curls

Hey guyssss! I hope you enjoyed this video because these are honestly THE best overnight curls everrrr!! And if they don't work out the first time (but they should workout) just try it again :)

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