Hey guys my name is Amélie! // I’m a teenage girl who enjoys making videos for people on the internet 🙂 I film videos about DIYs, fashion, and other random things I find interesting 😉


Hi, my name is Amelie Hoeferle. I am a teenage girl and live in the southern region. I have a YouTube channel and now I am starting a blog! I will be posting fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle content!



My Fashion, Beauty, Food and Lifestyle Blogs

  • Fashion & Hair Tips that Every Girl Should Know
  • Music: I love to sing so I decided to upload a video of me singing and I think there are more to come.
  • Hair: I like finding easy, simple and creative ways to style my hair.
  • Fashion: I like to design new looks and create the latest trends with my existing wardrobe.
  • DIY Inspiration: This is the place to unleash your inner DIY lover.
  • Lifestyle: Here I will show you everyday things like morning or night routine no matter where in the world I am.
  • Baking: One of my favorite hobbies is baking healthy and delicious.